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My lock does not open or close all the way
My lock does not open or close all the way
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In most cases, these problems arise because the lock is either not properly calibrated or because the hooks do not engage correctly with the door frame when locking the door.

What to do if the lock gets stuck during calibration:

If the deadbolt is stuck during calibration or if the latches turn outward but not inward, you can try one or more of the following options:

1. Loosen the cylinder screw on the side of the door slightly.

2. Disassemble the motor module and rotate the cylinder a quarter turn. Reattach the motor module and recalibrate the lock.

3. Remove and reattach the entire housing.

4. Manually turn the door to the locked position once and recalibrate the lock from the locked position.

What to do if you need to press twice to lock:

If you have a type of lock where the lever must be lifted before locking, the calibration should also be performed with the lever lifted.

1. Physically open the door.

2. Lift the lever.

3. Calibrate the lock (Settings -> Calibrate lock).

It's also possible that you selected the wrong turning direction during installation. In that case, you need to reinstall the lock.

Checking if the door and door frame are properly aligned:

If you can unlock and lock the LOQED Touch Smart Lock with the door physically open without issues but receive an error (beep) when the door is closed, it indicates a problem with your door or door frame. The motor is encountering too much resistance and stops turning.

It's possible that the latches coming out of your door are longer than the openings in your door frame. Calibrate the lock once with the door physically closed and test again.

If there is still too much resistance at the door frame, the strike plates will need to be adjusted.

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