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We are continually improving the LOQED Touch Smart Lock with software updates on a regular basis. Below are the most important changes.


January 2024 (LOQED Touch Smart Lock 2.6.108)

  • Fixed: Rare case of random lock-reboot after opening.

January 2024 (LOQED Touch Smart Lock 2.6.98)

  • Improved: Auto-unlock will only engage for the key that entered the geofence.

  • Improved: Bridge Bluetooth stability.

  • Improved: Preventing time schedules from operating the lock if the status is unknown.

November 2023 (LOQED Touch Smart Lock 2.6.47)

  • Improved: Setting, permission & time schedule check for TTO/TTC

  • Fixed: RSSI debug message for internal testing

  • Improved: Tightening Touch to Connect Bluetooth radius

  • Improved: Tightening default inside/outside detection

  • Added: Setting for playing a sound when opening/closing (yet to add in-app)

  • Improved: Don't ask for pin code entry when none is set

September 2023 (LOQED Touch Smart Lock 2.6.33)

  • Added: Additional connectivity logging

  • Fixed: Touch to Open message not shown in some cases

  • Improved: RSSI calibration connection stability

Aug 2023 (LOQED Touch Smart Lock 2.6.12)

  • Improved stability when creating and editing keys

Juli 2023 (LOQED Touch Smart Lock 2.5.21)

  • Feature: Added timer for Open House mode

  • Minor improvements

June 2023 (LOQED Touch Smart Lock 2.5.13)

  • Fixed: Bug where keys with start-date but without end-date would be denied

June 2023 (LOQED Touch Smart Lock 2.5.8)

  • Added: Timezone support

  • Added: Ability to replace display module without having to reconfigure the entire setup

  • Added: Ability to use Twist Assist for 'Handle upward' lock type

  • Fixed: Bug where 2 keys with the same pincode and different time schedules would malfunction.

  • Minor stability improvements

May 2023 (LOQED Touch Smart Lock 2.5.1)

  • Bug fix for non-responsive touch display

April 2023 (LOQED Touch Smart Lock 2.5.0)

  • Support for a new touch display sensor.

April 2022 (LOQED Touch Smart Lock 2.3.17)

  • Fixed: Non-admins can change their own welcome message.

  • Fixed: "Twist Assist" actions are now logged correctly.

  • Fixed: Bluetooth authentication from smartphone to Smart Lock is improved.

  • Fixed: "Touch to Open" is only enabled for the user entering the geofence.

  • Changed: The message shown on the display module for the function "Disable Touch to Open distance requirement" is changed to "Connecting to phone."

  • Changed: Accelerometer disables when the deadbolt is deployed. This improves battery life.

  • New: Disable "Touch to Lock." (Not yet available in-app)

  • New: Bluetooth antenna sensitivity tuning. (not yet available in-app)

  • Fixed: several minor bugs and improvements

April 2022 (LOQED Bridge 54)

  • Fixed: Improved communication of the state of the lock when the bridge temporarily loses connection to the server.

  • Changed: Better LED status information.

  • New: Support for local API

  • Fixed: several minor bugs and improvements

September 2021 (LOQED Touch Smart Lock 2.3.16)

  • Fixed: The rotation sensor is reset after the detection of a motor stall.

August 2021 (LOQED Touch Smart Lock 2.3.14)

  • Fixed: If the "Remove Touch to Open distance requirement" is not turned on (default setting), the lock will no longer display "Trying to connect" when you touch it. Instead, it will directly show the "Enter code" message, making more sense.

  • Fixed: Outside module could get stuck with one LED turned on.

  • Changed: The open position of the lock is set slightly further, as the latch was not retracted far enough for some lock types.

  • New: if the temperature inside the lock is >70 degrees, the charger will turn off.

  • New: more debug information added for LOQED support to help solve some minor bugs.

July 2021 (LOQED Touch Smart Lock 2.3.11)

  • New: support to remove the 500-meter restriction for Touch to Open. When this option is activated in the settings, the user can touch the lock, after the lock will wake up, verify if a phone is outside and nearby, and unlock the door. Also, see the Touch to Open FAQ on this.

  • New: Touch to Lock is now shown only 5 seconds instead of 30 seconds to make it easier to open the door again with PIN or touch after having closed it.

  • New: battery savings by turning off the Bluetooth advertisement. Because of this change, the lock needs to be waked first to use a direct Bluetooth<>Lock connection. To ensure users without remote open rights can still open the lock when they stand in front of the lock, the phone will send a 'wake up' message over the internet when the 'open' button is pressed, such that the phone and lock can connect using Bluetooth, and open the door.

  • New: support for charging with the LOQED Powerkit

  • New: Twist Assist. When turned on, a slight rotation of the knob will make the lock take over by the motor (feature will be in the next app release)

  • Fixed: battery was drained on some locks quickly because the lock not going to sleep correctly.

  • Fixed: several minor bugs and improvements

March 2021 (LOQED Touch Smart Lock 2.2.33)

  • Fixed: daylight savings mode did not activate.

February 2021 (LOQED Touch Smart Lock 2.2.26)

  • New: when the door is closed, the display shows "Touch to Lock," or when "Auto-Lock" is enabled in the settings, the door will lock automatically. The close detection is still a little sensitive; this will be improved in the future.

  • New: support for "handle up" lock type locks by putting the handle upward and unlocks by rotating the cylinder 360 degrees.

  • New: support to fine-tune the "open" and "latch" position by a few degrees by LOQED support.

  • New: support for a custom welcome message when the door is opened (still needs to be implemented in the apps).

  • Fixed: in rare cases, the outside module could have one LED turned on and did not work until the lock was rebooted with a 9-volt battery (Bluetooth was still working).

  • Fixed: sometimes, the first time the access code was entered on the outside module, the lock did not accept it.

December 2020 (LOQED Touch Smart Lock 2.2.16)

  • Fixed: time schedules could not be deleted.

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