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My batteries are running out fast
My batteries are running out fast
Updated over a week ago

Under normal circumstances, the LOQED Touch Smart Lock should work for about 9 to 12 months on 1 set of 8 alkaline batteries. Below are some possible reasons why your lock does not reach the 9 months.

Quality batteries

There are many different types of batteries available. The supplied Alkaline batteries are of good quality. A good brand does not necessarily mean good batteries. Some brands also have zinc carbon batteries. These are not suitable for use in the LOQED Touch Smart Lock. Try a different brand if yours runs out of juice quickly.

The engine runs smoothly

If your lock has a multi-point lock, the motor may have to work harder to open or lock your door. Even when there is tension on the door, your batteries may be empty sooner than expected. Check whether you can move the cylinder smoothly by hand, without Twist Assist on, by turning the knob.

Battery status indicator

The LOQED app shows the percentage of the batteries. However, this is an estimate and not an exact figure. The fuller the batteries are, the more power the motor has. This makes it easier for the engine to run with a fresh set of batteries. As the batteries are used longer, the power of the motor decreases. So it may be that you only lose 25% in the first 3 months, and in the following month also 25%.

It depends on the type and quality of batteries and how this is handled. For example, bad batteries can work fine for the first few months, and then suddenly be empty in 2 weeks.

LOQED Power Kit

With the LOQED Power Kit, you have everything you need never to replace the batteries of your lock again.

Connect the supplied charger as soon as your LOQED Touch Smart Lock reports that the batteries are almost empty. The charging cable is three meters long, so you don't need a socket nearby. The LOQED Power Kit comes with eight rechargeable batteries.

Are new batteries empty too quickly?

Are your batteries empty within a few weeks, or even within a few days? Then something may be wrong. Try a different or new set of batteries first. If the problem persists, please contact the support team.

Do you doubt whether the LOQED Touch Smart Lock is running smoothly? Then, with new batteries, make a movie where you open and close the door. Based on the sound, we can determine whether the lock is running smoothly and give tips. Then contact us via the live chat in the LOQED app via the menu.

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