When used in a typical family home, one set of eight batteries will last about 9 to 12 months. Does it seem that the batteries last less? Please read further.

  • The battery status indicator in our app hasn't been tuned yet. This causes the apparent battery percentage to quickly go from 100% to 80%. This will will slow down after 80%

  • The included batteries turned out to be of a lesser quality than we expected. New high quality batteries from the store should last longer.

  • It is important that the LOQED Touch Smart Lock is able to operate smoothly. Some likely issues could be that the door sticks (usually this is adjustable), or that the lock needs to be lubricated. Also make sure that the lock isn't installed askew (follow the steps in the installation manual, to make sure)

Unsure if the LOQED Touch Smart Lock is operating smoothly? Install fresh batteries and film the lock, while you open and close the door. We can hear by the sound the motor makes, if the LOQED Touch Smart Lock is operating correctly. You can send the video clip to support@loqed.com

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