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Which door/lock types are supported?
Which door/lock types are supported?
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The LOQED TouchSmart Lock fits on virtually all doors with a Euro Profile lock type. Do the installation check to know for sure!


  • Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz

  • Bluetooth: 4.2 LE

  • Waterproof rating outside module: IP 68

  • Power: 8x AA battery, max 15V DC

  • Maximum distance between lock and bridge: 3 meters

Supported doors

  • Door thicknesses: up to 110mm for a symmetric door, or up to 55mm measured from the cylinder screw.

  • The most common center-to-center distances: PC 55, 72, 92 and 110 mm.

  • Any backset larger than or equal to 30 mm.

  • Anti plug pulling door hardware covering the cylinder.

  • Multi-point door locks – whether they have three, five or seven bolts.

  • Handle operated doors, where the handle needs to be lifted to lock the door. You still have to manually lift the handle upward after closing the door.

  • Door locks where the lock cylinder is above the handle.

Not supported doors

  • Sliding doors that have a extra long handle on the inside.

  • Doors where both sides are exposed to the weather or very low temperatures. This is generally the case for gates and unheated sheds. Only the outside module is fully waterproof.

  • Doors with rim locks, as these have a different cylinder profile. We recommend changing these locks for a SKG certified multi-point Euro profile lock. For more information click here.

  • Locks where you need to turn the key, lift the handle, and turn the key again. These locks are very rare.

All dimensions

  • Outside module: 51mm * 33mm * 8mm

  • Inside module: 284mm * 60mm * 29mm without knob and handle, 284mm * 60mm * 69mm with knob and handle

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