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How to lock the door
How to lock the door

Locking your door is even easier without a key! how? read further.

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By replacing your cylinder and inside door furniture you will no longer have a physical key to lock the door with. From now on locking your door will be even easier!

Lock the door when inside

While entering or if you are already inside, simply rotate the knob to lock the door. If you have "Twist Assist" enabled, you can just rotate it a little bit and the lock will automatically do the rest.

Lock the door while outside

If you are going out, you'll pull your door closed. The lock will then display "Touch to Lock". You can then press one of the buttons to lock the door.

If you want to lock your door at another time, or the lock asks for your PIN, you can still lock it by pressing one of the buttons for 2 seconds.

Lock the door remotely

If you want to lock your door when you are already in bed or commuting, you can simply use the app to lock your door.

Attention: If you have "Auto unlock" enabled and are close to your door, the lock might automatically unlock if you keep your app open for too long.

Automatically Lock when the door closes

The auto-lock function is no longer available in the LOQED app.

Since the LOQED Touch Smart Lock cannot determine if your door is closed, there is a possibility that the lock may engage while the door is physically open.

However, it is possible to enable this auto-lock feature using the instructions below:

  1. Log in to your LOQED account at

  2. Click on 'Locks' in the menu bar and select 'Manage.'

  3. Change the Auto-lock setting to 'Enabled' and click on 'Change.'

  4. Restart the LOQED app on your phone. You will now see the Auto-lock setting turned on.

Turning off this feature can still be done within the LOQED app.

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