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Replacing a rim lock with a euro profile lock
Replacing a rim lock with a euro profile lock

A rim lock is not compatible with the LOQED Touch Smart Lock. Replacing it for a euro profile lock is possible.

Updated over a week ago

A locksmith can modify the door with an SKG*** certified multi-point lock. Your door will be safer too.

Any local locksmith can change your door profile type.

The expected price for a change like this will be about 350 euros for a euro profile lock with SKG*** multi-point lock. Ask the locksmith to give you a quote with the exact price before they start. It will take about 2 hours.

Included in this price are:

  • Milling a slot in the door for the SKG*** multi-point lock.

  • Milling multiple slots in the doorframe.

  • The existing hole in the door will be filled with a piece of wood or wood filler. It will be stronger than before.

  • New door fittings on the outside. Including core pulling protection which is SKG*** certified.

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