At the moment, disabling the Touch to Open distance requirements knows a few limitations. These will be resolved with a future software update.

  • Inside/outside detection is not calibrated to your door yet. This can result that, in certain situations, Touch to Open can be activated when the lock is touched while the phone is inside. You can test whether this can happen on your door, by placing the phone inside, closing the door fully and touching one of the buttons on the outside. The door should not open.

    IMPORTANT: Please set up a Code access prior to testing to avoid locking yourself out.

  • Users lacking both 'Touch to Open' and 'Remote opening' rights are not able to open the door by only tapping the button in the app. They have two ways of opening and locking the door:

    • First touch one of the buttons on the lock to wake it up. If they tap 'Open' in the LOQED app a few seconds later, the app will send the command via Bluetooth.

    • Tap 'Open' a second time within ten seconds, as the first command will wake the lock up via the internet.

Read our FAQ on Touch to Open for more technical information on this feature.

Attention: Never close the LOQED app by "upwards swiping it away", because then app cannot find the lock.

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