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How does Touch to Open work?
How does Touch to Open work?
With “Touch to Open” you can keep your phone in your pocket. When you arrive home, ‘Touch to Open" will automatically be displayed.
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The Function “Touch to Open” recognises when you arrive home. The LOQED app on your smartphone sends the lock a notification when you are near. After which your lock will actively look for your smartphone through Bluetooth. If your smartphone is within approximately 3 metres, it will display ‘Touch to open’ on its display and with just a touch you can unlock the door.

How does Touch to open work?

During the installation of your LOQED Touch Smart Lock you will be prompted to set the location of your lock. The app will automatically gives you a general location, which you can adjust. That way the lock knows within a couple of metres where its located.

Assuming all the settings on your smartphone are correct when it comes to location sharing (You can check the settings here), when you come within 500 metres from the lock, your smartphone will send a message to your LOQED Touch Smart Lock, This is called a geofence. In the LOQED app you can enlarge this perimeter, so the lock will be notified sooner.

Touch to Open is on by default. If you want to switch it off, you can do so via:

‘My key settings’ -> Touch to Open -> Disable

Note: Administrators are able to disable it for other keys as well by selecting that specific key on the tab “All Keys” and switching it off there.

Waking up the lock.

When the arrival message has been received, the lock will proceed to ‘wake up.

It will now check for 20 minutes if it recognises your smartphone through bluetooth. In practice this is when you approach and are within 3 metres of the lock. A working LOQED bridge with a working WiFi connection is needed to wake up the lock. The LOQED bridge is inclued with every LOQED Touch Smart Lock.

if you have enabled the function “Auto Unlock”, the deadbolt will retract when the lock recognises that you are approaching. That way only the daylock needs to retract after a touch. This function is still in BETA and is not enabled by default.

Checking on which side of the door you are.

Your LOQED Touch Smart Lock has 2 bluetooth antennas, one on the inside and one on the ouside. When your smartphone is recognised within 3 metres when arriving, ’Touch to Open’ will be displayed. Now you are able to open the door by briefly touching one of the touch sensitive buttons located below the screen, after which both bluetooth modules will measure which one is receiving a stronger signal from your phone. if you are outside, the outside module will have the stronger signal, and the door will open.

The door will not open if the lock is unsure or your phone is inside.

Leaving the geofence.

After opening the door with “Touch to Open” this function will be turned off temporarily. This prevents the text 'Touch to Open' from remaining on the screen when you come home with several users at the same time.

Once you have been at least 500 metres away from your home, Auto Unlock and Touch to Open will reactivate. This will happens automatically.

I am staying within the 500 metres. Now what?

When you put the rubbish out to the curb, or go to the supermarket which is within 500 metres of your lock, you might also want to be able to enter with just a touch. You can! This function is called 'Connecting to phone'.

By enabling the 'Turn off Touch to Open Distance Requirement' option, Connecting to Phone is activated. You can do this via the 'My lock' tab.

Note: Only administrators can activate this function.

Now it's possible to activate the screen with a touch. The lock then checks whether there is a user/phone with the correct credentials on the outside of the door. if so the text 'Connecting to Phone' appears on the screen.

The reason why this function is off by default is that, depending on the individual situation, the lock cannot recognise with 100% certainty whether the user is outside. The signal strength of the outside module with your phone is compared with the signal strength of the indoor module and your phone. Assuming you are outside in front of the door, the signal strength of the outside module is stronger, and the door will open. In some situations, when you are inside, your phone may be closer to the outside of your front door than to the inside. For example, when you are sitting on the couch inside, and have a view on your front door. In that case there is a chance that the lock thinks you are in front of the door.

We’re developing a function with which you can calibrate the RSSI bluetooth reception, which allows you to 'teach' the lock what the signal strength should be when you are actually standing close to your lock. This function will be available by the end of 2022.

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