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How does Touch to Open work?
How does Touch to Open work?

With “Touch to Open” you can keep your phone in your pocket. When you arrive home, ‘Touch to Open" will automatically be displayed.

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Touch to Open" is an innovative way to unlock your door without using your phone. This feature combines geofencing, Bluetooth connectivity, and smart lock technology.

How Does It Work?

  1. Proximity Detection: When you get close to your lock (standard 500m), the LOQED app sends a notification to the lock. The lock then becomes active and waits for your smartphone within a range of 3 meters.

  2. Waking Up the Lock: After receiving the arrival message, the lock remains active for 20 minutes, waiting for a Bluetooth connection. A working LOQED bridge with WiFi is required for this.

  3. Unlocking: As soon as your phone is within 3 meters of the lock, your phone recognizes the lock via Bluetooth. 'Touch to Open' appears on the screen, after which you can unlock the door with a touch. Ensure that your phone has the correct settings and permissions.

  4. Automatic Unlocking: This feature allows the lock to automatically unlock when it detects your approach. You can turn on this feature in the LOQED app.

  5. Inside or Outside Detection: With two Bluetooth antennas, the lock determines if you are inside or outside. The lock only opens if you are outside.

  6. Reactivation: After use, 'Touch to Open' is deactivated. It is reactivated when a user re-enters the 500m radius.

Use Touch to Connect when staying close to home.

If you are within the 500-meter geofence but still want to use "Touch to Open" (like when taking out the trash or going to a nearby store), you can enable the 'Touch to Connect' feature. This allows your phone to connect to the lock and check if it's outside the door, and if so, the lock will unlock. For more information about this feature, you can refer to the article Touch to Connect.

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