The LOQED Touch Smart Lock motor is potent and can supply more power than you can do by hand. In extreme cases, it could still happen that the lock might not be able to open your door. This could be due to the following reasons:

  • The batteries of the lock are empty: When the batteries are almost empty, the maximum power of the motor will decrease.

  • The door is jamming: some door can bend slightly, especially if they have a dark color and are exposed to the sun.

Usually you can still open your door if you pull or push it slightly while the motor is running. If this does not help, you can supply emergency power to the lock.

Any door should be easy to open by the LOQED Touch Smart Lock when the batteries are fully charged and weather conditions are normal. If you also need to pull/push your door in order to open your door, you need to adjust the door. Often this can be easily done with just a screwdriver, in some cases it might be better to ask a professional to help out. When the lock is running smooth, you will also save battery power.

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