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How long do the batteries last?
How long do the batteries last?

The batteries last about 6 to 9 months. Here you can find various factors affecting battery life.

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The batteries of the LOQED Smart Lock will last up to one year.

Because of the 8 AA batteries, the LOQED Smart Lock has twice the battery power (35 wh) compared to other smart locks. Most smart locks have only 4 AA batteries (17Wh) or 4 CR123A-batteries (17 Wh).

The lifetime of the batteries depends on:

  • How often the lock is used.

  • The ambient temperature.

  • The type of batteries that you use (rechargeable or non-rechargeable)

  • The brand of batteries that you use (name brand or generic batteries)

Note: if using non-rechargeable batteries. We advice only using alkaline batteries. Zinc-carbon batteries are unsuitable for use in the LOQED Touch Smart Lock.

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