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How to make a new key or code?
How to make a new key or code?

Want to give someone access? Adding and sharing a key is easy!

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Adding a new key is easy and consists of five steps. Also watch the video below!

  1. Make a new key by clicking the plus icon on the ‘All keys’ screen.

  2. Send the key via a secure message service such as Whatsapp, SMS, or e-mail.

  3. The receiver installs the app (link #1 in the message)

  4. The receiver creates an account and logs in.

    Attention: ensure the receiver creates a new account on their own e-mail address, do not use the previously created account.

  5. The receiver imports the key to his keychain (link #2 in the message).

    Note:You can add up to 250 keys to a lock.

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