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How does code access work?
How does code access work?

Besides "Touch to Open", you can also open the LOQED Touch Smart Lock using a personalised access code.

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Every user can have their own 6-digit personal code to unlock the door. Provided the administrator has enabled that option.

The LOQED Smart Lock uses a two-button system to enter your pincode. This ensures that fingerprints cannot give any hints for the used code, in contrast to a 10-digit code panel. If multiple unsuccessful codes are entered, the lock will stop allowing codes for a while. More tries will mean a longer lockout.

How do you enter a PIN?

Entering a code is done per digit. The left button counts up (1, 2, 3...). The right button makes the cursor jump to the next position, and on the final position is used to confirm the code.

Check out this video to see a demonstration:

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