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IP-SYMCON integration
IP-SYMCON integration

If you use IP-SYMCON for your home automation you will be able to integrate the LOQED Touch Smart Lock.

Updated over a week ago

Thanks to the SYMCON community you will now be able to integrate your LOQED Touch Smart Lock, into your IP-SYMCON Home automation.

With this integration you will be able to lock, unlock, and open your LOQED Touch Smart lock through IP-SYMCON as well as use the current status of the lock.

To install the LOQED Module, please search for “LOQED” on the SYMCON Module Store.

For detailed installation instructions (and the source code), please visit:

There you will also find instructions on how to integrate it into your automations.

The developers advise you to create a backup of your IP-SYMCON settings first:

For instructions on how to use the SYMCON Module store, please visit:

Please note: We have not been able to test this integration and can’t provide any support for it. If you have any questions, please ask the developers and community directly at:

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