The LOQED bridge has a multi colour LED that indicates the status of its connection. If your bridge is stuck in one of these statuses, please read the article below to resolve the issue.

  • Quick red-green-blue: when the bridge is powered and starting up, it will flash these 3 colours sequentially.

if this does not change after 10 seconds, please contact us.

  • White: the bridge is in setup mode and has no settings stored. If the bridge is blinking white, this means it is currently resetting to the setup mode.

This can happen if you have not completed the initial setup or if the bridge has been reset. In order to resolve this issue, you will have to reset the lock (please see HERE) and restart the setup.

  • Blinking blue: trying to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

Check that your Wi-Fi is working. If you have changed your Wi-Fi name or password after configuring the lock, you will have to reconfigure the lock or change your Wi-Fi to back to settings known by the lock.

  • Steady blue: successfully connected to your Wi-Fi network, trying to connect to the LOQED server.

Check that your internet connection is working, if it is, you may have to open ports in your firewall to allow the connection to the LOQED Server. Please see HERE.

  • Blinking blue-green: successfully connected to the LOQED server, now trying to connect to the LOQED Touch Smart Lock via Bluetooth.

Check that the lock and bridge and not more than 3 meters apart. Furthermore, make sure that the batteries in the lock are charged, this can be checked by simply tapping the outside module and see whether the screen lights up.

  • Blinking green: Connected to the LOQED Touch Smart Lock, now securing the connection.

This usually only happens when the lock is re-installed, but the bridge was not reset and re-installed. Please reset the bridge and the lock, and start the setup procedure again.

  • Steady green: successfully connected to the LOQED Touch Smart Lock.

If the bridge is not able to connect to the lock for a few minutes, it will automatically reboot to ensure it has the latest settings from the LOQED server. This means that the light can turn off at some points, and the bridge will again pass through the above cycle of colours.

Other LED status indicators
These are not indicators of a problem, and will not appear in daily operation.

  • Blinking WHITE-BLUE

The LOQED Touch Smart Lock is updating to a newer firmware. This can take several minutes to complete, do not remove the batteries from the lock.

  • Blinking WHITE-RED

The LOQED Bridge is updating to a newer firmware. This can take several minutes to complete, do not remove the bridge from the power socket.

  • Blinking WHITE-GREEN

The LOQED Bridge is in setup mode and a smartphone has successfully connected to continue the setup process. Feel free to do so.

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