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Set up Wi-Fi or LOQED bridge
Set up Wi-Fi or LOQED bridge

Re-configure the LOQED bridge to connect to wifi

Updated over a week ago

Resetting Wi-Fi network name or password

If you have a new router or need to connect your LOQED bridge to a new Wi-Fi network because your Wi-Fi password may have changed, you only need to reconfigure the bridge.

Configure the bridge

  1. Press the reset button for 10 seconds until the light stays continuously white (see image).

  2. Open the LOQED app and select your lock.

  3. Press the "Settings" button, and under 'Other,' tap "Configure Bridge."

  4. Press "Continue" and follow the steps.


All settings and keys will remain unchanged. Only an administrator can set up a new bridge. Can't see the light? Contact LOQED support via live chat in the app.

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