When you approach the LOQED Touch Smart Lock, it will display "Touch to Open". After which, you can touch one of the touch-sensitive buttons to open your door.

If you are experiencing issues with "Touch to Open" you can follow the troubleshooting guide below.

Touch to Open only works when you have been 500 meters away from your house for at least 10 minutes. When you arrive home and are right in front of your door, Touch to Open should show on the display.

As soon as you activate Touch to Open by pressing one of the touch buttons, Touch to Open will now not work anymore, until again you have been at least 500 meters away from your house. Also, you need to activate Touch to Open within 20 minutes after you arrive within the 500-meter distance of your house.

If you have disabled the 500-meter restriction of Touch to Open (on the "My lock" screen) and have not been away for at least 500 meters, Touch to Open works a little differently. When you touch the lock, it will say "Searching", and after a few seconds, the door will open. (Note that internally, the phone still needs to know it is close to your home - in the so-called geofence.)

Latest software version.

  1. Check for LOQED app updates in your phone's app store and ensure you run the latest version.

  2. Check for phone updates: ensure to run the latest iOS/Android version, it might fix issues with your phone, such as issues with Bluetooth.

Bluetooth and permissions

Stand in front of your door.

  • Open the LOQED app, tap your lock, and go to the "My Lock" page.

  • Touch one of the buttons on the outside module of your LOQED Touch Smart Lock. This will activate the antennas for 10 seconds.

  • Verify that both the "Inside module" and "Outside module" Bluetooth icon turn green. If they do not turn green, threre is a problem with your Bluetooth connection. Try to restart your phone, this often solves this problem.

  • If both the "Inside module" and "Outside module" Bluetooth logos have turned green, you should see "Touch to Open" appear on the screen after about 2 seconds. If this does not happen, please verify that:

    • Your administrator has enabled "Touch to Open" permission on your key. If you are the only user of the lock, you always have this permission.

    • You have enabled the "Touch to Open" key setting. You can find this setting under "My Key" -> "My key settings".

If you completed the above steps and Touch to Open does show on the display, but it does not show when you do not open the app manually, tap next.

Verify the internet connection of your phone and lock

When you arrive in the 500-meter zone of your house, the LOQED app needs to wake up the LOQED Touch Smart Lock. To do this, it connects to the smart lock over the internet. Let's verify this connection is working properly.

  • Turn off Wi-Fi on your phone

  • Turn off Bluetooth on your phone

  • Open a webpage of your choosing to verify your mobile internet connection is working.

  • Open the LOQED app, tap your lock, and choose "Open" to unlock your door. Say "Yes" to the question if you want to open your door remotely. Verify your door opens. If your door does not open, there is a problem in the connection between your LOQED Touch Smart Lock, LOQED Bridge, and your home's Wi-Fi network. Read the article "What does the color of the LED mean on the LOQED Bridge?" to find out what is wrong.

  • Turn on WiFi

  • Turn on Bluetooth

Did your door open successfully? Then your internet connection is working properly.

Do not use Bluetooth simultaneously for other devices

It is known that Bluetooth becomes slower when multiple devices are connected, such as your wireless headphones or car. This could make it difficult to connect to your LOQED Smart Lock in time.

  • Please turn off these devices, or disconnect them manually in your phone's Bluetooth settings.

Ensure your battery is charged

Some phones stop certain activities (geofencing, Bluetooth, or even the LOQED app) to save more energy when your battery is low.

  • Ensure your battery is charged at least 15% and your phone is not in power-saving mode.

Ensure your phone is not connected to a charger

When your phone is charging, the operating system assumes it is not moving, and your phone will not be checking if you are arriving in the 500-meter zone of your house.

  • Ensure your phone is not being charged with a power bank or in your car.

Verify phone settings


  • Verify that Wi-Fi is turned on.
    Your phone scans for a WiFi network to quickly determine your location - you do not have to be connected to a WiFi network for this functionality to work.

  • Verify that Location is turned on. Go to Settings -> Location Services, and ensure that it's turned on. In the list of apps below the on/off switch, ensure that the LOQED app has the permission set to "Always allow".
    Sometimes iOS will show you a popup to re-request location permissions. When it does, ensure to choose "Always allow".

  • Verify that Precise Location is turned on (this option is only available since iOS 14).

  • Verify that "Background App Refresh" is turned on. Go to Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh. Ensure you have enabled "Background App Refresh".

The LOQED app needs to be running in the background, otherwise it cannot connect to the LOQED Touch Smart Lock. Therefore it is important that both for iOS and Android, the app is not "killed".

On most phones, the app is killed when you "swipe it upwards away" on the screen. When you use your task manager to switch to another app, you will then notice the LOQED app is not open anymore, and you cannot switch to it.

(For iOS this mostly affects the "Touch to Open without 500 meters restriction", because iOS restarts the LOQED app when you arrive within the 500 meter area of your house.)


  • Verify that Wi-Fi is turned on.
    Your phone scans for a WiFi network to quickly determine your location - you do not have to be connected to a WiFi network for this functionality to work.

  • Verify that Location / GPS is turned on.
    Note that although this setting is sometimes called GPS, the LOQED app does not really use GPS, but cell phone towers to determine your location. This is a very power-efficient way to determine your location.

  • Verify that Google Location Services (EN) or Google-locatienauwkeurigheid (NL) is turned on.

Most phone brands include their own power management system. Or they are too aggressive - they might put the LOQED app to sleep completely, making it impossible for the app to work properly. In 9 out of 10 cases, this is the reason why Touch to Open is not working properly.

  • Ensure that any kind of power management setting on your phone is turned off. Usually, there are both system power management settings, as well as power management settings per app. The website dontkillmyapp.com can help you find the location of these settings in your phone's menu.

The LOQED app uses a persistent notification to ensure the app is always active. Do not turn off this notification.

  • Turn on the screen of your phone. Be sure you do not have the LOQED app open (having any other app open on your screen is ok).

  • Verify that you see the LOQED logo on the left-top of your phone's status bar. It should always be visible. If you do not see it:

    • Go your phone's settings, applications, and choose the LOQED app. Ensure that all notifications are enabled. Only the "Activity logs" notification may be turned off.

    • If the notification is enabled, but you still do not see the LOQED logo on the top-left, your phone might be stopping the LOQED app from running due to power management settings. Double-check that you have turned off all power management settings.

Verify your lock was woken up

If you came this far, we have already verified all settings. This final step is one last check to find out where the issue is coming from, if Touch to Open is still not working properly.

To do this step, you will need a second phone with the LOQED app installed. You need to use a different account on this phone for the LOQED app than for the phone with the Touch to Open issue.

Between 500 and 0 meters from your house, the phone needs to wake up your LOQED Touch Smart Lock such that the Bluetooth connection is happening faster. We will now verify if this is working properly.

The wake-up is also important when you have disable the 500 meter restriction of Touch to Open, as this shows the phone knows it is in the vicinity of your house. Only then, the phone will search for your lock via Bluetooth.

  • Ensure you have been at least 500 meters away from your house for 10 minutes.

  • On the second phone, turn off Bluetooth and Location/GPS (this will ensure you won't see clutter in the logs from this phone).

  • Walk to your house while keeping your phone with the issues in your pocket. Do not turn on the screen.

  • When you are right in front of your door, open the LOQED app on the second phone and go to "Activity Log".

  • Verify you see a " Slot %lockname% wakkergemaakt uit standby omdat %username% in de buurt was. " log message. This message is generated by the other phone, and is only shown if your LOQED Touch Smart Lock has received it.

If you see the above log message, Touch to Open should have activated. If you did not see the wake-up message, this could be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. Your phone noticed you arrived in the geofence (the 500 - 0 meter area) of your house, but could not send the wake-up notification to the lock because there was no internet on your phone. This can happen when your phone is switching from its mobile network to your WiFi network. Try increasing the "Region radius" to a larger value under "My key settings" in the app. You need to do this for every phone.

  2. Your phone did not (or too late) notice you arrived in the geofence around your house. This can happen:

    1. when you have not been out of the geofence for long enough (at least 10 minutes).

    2. when you have not left the geofence at all

    3. when the geofence is too small. Try to increase the "Touch to Open radius" under "My key" -> "My key settings" in the app. The phone now has more time to realize you're arriving at your house.

If this does not solve the problem, please contact us for help. Be sure to have the following data ready:

  1. The e-mail address of the phone with the issues

  2. The exact date and time when you were standing in front of your door, and Touch to Open did not activate properly.

  3. If Touch to Open does work properly with another phone as well.

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