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Rebooting the lock
Updated over a week ago

Sometimes it is necessary to reboot the lock. For example, to solve an issue with the lock or better understand the cause of a problem.

There are two methods you can choose to perform to reboot your lock.

  1. By briefly holding a 9-volt battery against the pins of the display module.

    • After a few seconds, the LOQED logo will appear on the display. Your lock is now rebooting.

  2. By removing one of the batteries from the lock temporarily.

    • Remove the handle from the lock using a hex key.

    • Don't forget the plastic ring; it's easily lost.

    • Pull the metal cover off the lock.

    • Now remove one of the batteries for a few seconds.

    • You can now place the cover, plastic ring, and handle back on your lock.

Rebooting the lock
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