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Olisto & LOQED integration
Olisto & LOQED integration
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Olisto is a smart home platform that allows you to connect easily to products such as Philips Hue, Spotify, and many more. LOQED has a direct integration with Olisto.

Add the LOQED channel

  1. Open the Olisto app

  2. Tap on "More" and choose for "Channels"

  3. Find the LOQED channel and add it. You have to login with your LOQED account that has administrative permissions.

After the channel is connected, you will see the locks appear for which your account is administrator.

Make a button

You can make button in the Olisto app that will open or lock the door. If you use Olisto also on your Apple Watch, this button will also show there.

  1. Tap on "Now" and choose for "Add button"

  2. Name the button, e.g. "Open door"

  3. Choose below "Then" for Add and then choose the brand LOQED.

  4. Choose the action "Open".

  5. Tap "I'm done"

  6. Tap "Activate this trigg"

On the "Now" tab, you will now see a new button.

Make a trigg

The LOQED Touch Smart Lock supports two types of triggs: take an action when the door opens or is locked (for example, turn on a light), or if something happens (sunset), the door is opened or locked. Below we show how to turn on a light when the door opens.

  1. Tap on "Triggs" and choose for "New trigg"

  2. Choose below "When" for LOQED, followed by "unlocked"

  3. Choose below "Then" for Add and then choose the brand of your smart light (for example, Philips Hue).

  4. Tap "I'm done"

  5. Tap "Activate this trigg"

The next time you open your door, the trigg will activate and turn on the light. Attention: never add LOQED to both "When" and "Then": you will make an infinite loop where the lock will keep on locking and unlocking.

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