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Google Home Assistant & LOQED integration
Google Home Assistant & LOQED integration
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Control you LOQED Smart Touch Lock with Google Home Assistant

Supported features:

  • Unlock/open your LOQED Touch Smart Lock ( Pincode required )

  • Lock your LOQED Touch Smart Lock

How to interact with Google Home:
In the example below the doorname is 'door'.
When interacting with the Google Assistant, use the doorname you have set up.

  • Hey Google, lock my door.

  • Hey Google, open my door.

  • Ok Google, is my door open?

  • Ok Google, is my door locked?

You can also use your LOQED Touch Smart lock in Google Routines to automate opening or locking a door on a certain time or when a trigger is fired.

How to connect your LOQED Touch Smart Lock to Google Home:

  • Open the Google Home app.

  • Click the plus icon in the top left corner.

  • Choose "Set up device" and then choose "Works with Google".

  • Search or choose LOQED from the list and follow the instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a code to unlock the door?
A code ensures nobody can e.g. talk through your mailslot to unlock your door. For locking the door you do not need a code.
It is not possible to disable the necessary code for unlocking.

I changed the name of my lock in the LOQED app, but Google Home does not respond to the new name.
You can either say "Ok Google, sync devices" or simply change the name of the lock in the Google Home app to a name of your choice.

Can anyone add the lock to Google Home?
No, only lock administrators can add the lock to Google Home.

Another admin removed my admin permission. However, I can still control the lock via Google Home
Currently Google Home permissions are not removed. You can use this as a feature to give someone Google Home access by giving administrative rights for a few minutes, and then removing it again.

Can I connect to Google Home if one of my locks is currently offline?
Yes, but this lock will not be connected. You need to reconnect the link with Google Home if you want to connect it.

What is Google thinks my device is offline, while it is online?
Try saying "Ok Google, sync devices"

I am getting "Sorry, it looks like LOQED is unavailable right now"
Try to reconnect Google. This can happen if you deleted/reinstalled a lock.

Why am I getting the error "Sorry, I couldn't' reach LOQED", but the lock did lock/unlock?
This can happen if you have other locks in your account that are offline. Check if each lock can be reached. If the error persists, please contact us.

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