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Doorbird & LOQED integration
Doorbird & LOQED integration
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Doorbird is a smart doorbell with plenty of extra features. Talk remotely to people ringing your door, use it as a security camera, and if you combine it with the LOQED Touch Smart lock, you can even open the door remotely while you continue talking to them.

This is all thanks to ability of the Doorbird app to add webhooks. In the following article we will guide you through this integration process.

Attention: We take advantage of the possibility to trigger a follow-up action after activating the built-in relay in your Doorbird doorbell, please ensure that you are not using the relay for a different function.

Logging into the Doorbird app as an administrator

To be able to change settings of your doorbell, you will need administrator rights and log in with your admin account.


  • Open the Doorbird app.

  • Click on the Gear icon on the lower right of the screen.


  • Scroll down.

  • Click on "Administration" under the header "Further functionality".


  • You will now be prompted by a log in screen, here you can log in with your admin account.

  • The Doorbird app has the option to save your admin account, so possibly you can log in with just a tap on the account under "Saved admin logins".

Creating a webhook and add it to Doorbird

If you have not done so already, please follow this article to create an incoming webhook: How to create incoming webhooks
Next, you can copy the "OPEN" webhook URL to use in the Doorbird app.


  • Scroll down.

  • In the "Administration" settings panel, go to "HTTP(S) Calls" under the header "Favorites"


  • You can now press "ADD" so you'll be able to add the LOQED webhook URL.


  • You can name this webhook/ HTTP(S) Call whatever you like, it doesn't need to be the name of your key or webhook.

  • Don't forget to paste the complete "OPEN" webhook that you've generated using this article: How to create incoming webhooks

Calling the created webhook when you press the key button


  • Press on the "Back" button on your phone, you will return to the "Administration" Settings page of the Doorbird app.

  • Scroll further down and click on "Relays" under the heading "Expert settings"


  • We're able to trigger the webhook thanks to the ability to trigger a follow-up action after switching the relay.

    • Attention: If you use this relay for a function, please make sure that it won't be an issue to trigger this switch this relay when you open your door through Doorbird.

  • Click on "Schedule for follow-up actions"


  • On this page, you can fill in a schedule for this follow-up action.

    • To completely fill this schedule, press the top right.

    • If you'd rather only have specific moments where you can trigger this follow-up action, you are able to do so here. This can be handy if you'd like to only be able to open the door at specific times, for example, only during the day.

How to use your configured webhook

You are now ready to use your integration. Please go to the main screen of your Doorbird app.


  • If you press on the key icon, the LOQED Touch Smart Lock will now open.

    • Attention: you will not be able to lock the door with this icon. For that, you will need to use the LOQED app, or ask the person entering to activate "Touch to Lock" when leaving your house.

    • Attention: Only let someone in that you're able to trust to close your door when they leave. The LOQED Touch Smart Lock will not be able to lock a door that's ajar.

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