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Use your recovery token for a password reset
Use your recovery token for a password reset

Lost your password? With a recovery token it is possible to recover your lost password.

Updated over a week ago

When you registered your account, you were given the option to create a recovery token. Follow the steps below to recover your password in the LOQED app using this token.

Attention: Click here if you don't have a recovery token.

Recover your password with your recovery token

  1. Open the LOQED app and press “Forgot your password?”

  2. Type in your recovery token in the text field.

  3. Press submit.

  4. Your password will now be shown on the screen.

Note: The password is recovered from the token locally, your password is not saved on our servers, and this process does not contact our servers to communicate your token or password.

We advise you to change your password after recovering it.

Changing your password

  1. Log in with your credentials.

  2. Fill in your current password once and your new password twice.

  3. Press the “change now” button.

After changing your password you will also need to create a new recovery token, as the previous token will not work anymore.

Creating a new recovery token

  1. Open the LOQED app.

  2. In your keychain, press the menu icon (3 bars) in the upper right.

  3. Press “My Account”

  4. Press "Create a recovery token”

  5. Enter your newly created password.

  6. You will now be presented with your recovery token and given te option to email this token to yourself.

  7. Make sure to archive this token securely.

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