You've created a key with an attached time schedule or limited validity, maybe for the cleaner, caretaker or AirBnB guest. However, their key or pincode gets refused by the lock.

First, it is essential to check if you have correctly configured the time schedule or dates of validity. With time schedules, you have the option of configuring individual weekdays. With time schedules, you can grant access for specific days of the week.

If that is configured correctly, there is a possibility that the bridge is offline, and the lock has been rebooted.

The lock remembers the time and date when the bridge goes offline. However, when the lock reboots, it will lose this information.

This means that time-dependent keys, like keys with a time schedule or limited validity, will not be able to open the lock in that situation.

The solution is to bring the bridge back online.

please follow this article to get the bridge back online: My bridge is not connected.

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