Olisto has developed an app for your Apple Watch, with which you can lock and unlock your LOQED Touch Smart Lock remotely. In this article we will explain how to download and set up the app in a couple of minutes.

In this article we use the apple watch as an example, however using Olisto to remotely control your LOQED is also possible with Smart watches from other brands, such as samsung’s galaxy watch. The step may differ slightly but the general procedure will be the same.

1. Install Olisto on your phone

Please first follow the steps in Connect your smart home devices via Olisto.

2. Download the app onto your Apple Watch

Open the App Store on your Apple Watch and search for “Olisto Now”. Once you’ve found the app, you can proceed to tap the download button on the right of the Olisto icon.

3. Open the App and start the Login

When the download is complete, you can tap the “open” button in the App Store or open the app from the app grid, on your watch, where it is now visible. Once you’ve opened the app, you will see the words in “Olisto Now” in large pink letters. Scroll to the bottom of this screen to find a “Log in” button. Tap on this button to open a QR code, which you will need to scan with the camera app on your iPhone. Once the phone recognizes the QR code, click on the yellow link button that appeared on the screen of your phone.

4. Log into Olisto using your iPhone

Once you’ve tapped on the QR link on your phone, you will be brought to the login screen of Olisto. Proceed to fill in your e-mail address and password and tap “Log in”. Then tap the “Okay” button, allow Olisto to access and authenticate your account.

5. Done!

You can now open the Olisto Now app on your watch and should see the following screen. Feel free to adjust the settings to customize the columns and manage the buttons for easy use.

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